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Sunshine Sunrooms, Inc. was founded in 1993 based on the business philosophy of offering a quality custom built sunroom with a variety of design options to accommodate the individual needs of homeowners. We offer selections in patio covers and screen rooms, to our unique “Florida rooms”,and multi-track door systems to sunrooms with multiple window options. Sunshine Sunrooms, Inc. has the most diverse and comprehensive product line in the industry!

Combine this versatility with a long term commitment to customer service in the Metroplex and North Texas area. It’s easy to understand why the majority of our business comes from referrals from previous customers.

In a world where personalized service is fast becoming a “lost art” form, we welcome you to call and experience the difference Sunshine’s “personal touch” can make on your next project. Why settle for less? Let Sunshine Sunrooms, Inc. turn your next project into a beautiful and rewarding experience.

Sunshine Sunrooms also offers the Sunshine Remodeling service for the entire home. Let us be your one-stop-shop for making your dreams become reality!

Services Offered

  • Sunrooms

  • Solariums

  • Screen Rooms

  • Florida Rooms

  • Patio Covers

  • Doors

  • Decks

  • Skylites

  • Lattice Covers

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Solar Screens

  • Windows

Professional Grand Prairie Sunrooms & Enclosures Contractors will match the beauty and natural asthetics of your home.

Grand Prairie Sunroom Enclosures


Foundation Is Important When Building A Grand Prairie Sunroom

Sunrooms are a great addition to make to any home because it gives you a place to escape to. It is very important that before you put up any walls that you make sure the foundation of the area is level. To do this you might have to dig down a little in areas in the yard to ensure that your new space will be level.

The best type of material to use as the base of your sunroom is concrete. The reason behind this is because it is solid and it will not move as easily as wood will. Another great part about concrete is that it will take less time to put down then it would to build a wooden base. If you do not like the feel of concrete you can always lay in hardwood over the area. Another neat idea is to lay down tile or even stone to give it a one of a kind feel.

Sunroom installation and sunroom repair should only be done by professionals so that they get the job done right. It is also a good idea to let them lay down the foundation of your new area. If you have a room in your home that you do not really use it is a great idea to turn it into a sunroom. All that you have to do to achieve this is to replace some of the wall space with mirrors and a sliding door. It is a good idea to make the sunroom accessible from outside so that children can get into the space to relax after playing outside.

When you are looking into the kind of sunroom you want to add to your home, you will find that there are many options to choose from. To find the one that you like the best you might want to picture what your home would like in your mind. Once you have found the one that you like the most, you will want to start to work on making it happen. Start out by leveling the ground so that your sunroom will have a good foundation to it. This will enable you to not have to worry about the room shifting as much. It is a good idea to attach these sunrooms to a wall in your home so that you ensure that it is structurally sound.

After you have figured out how to make the area flat you will want to mark where you want your sunroom to be. This will enable the person building the space to have exact measurements. Once you have the sunroom built it will be time to accessorize. You should put items into this room that brighten up the space. It is a great idea to add seating and maybe even a table. these sunrooms can be used for a variety of things, and the best part is that you can use them any time of year. These are the perfect rooms to have a party if you do not want to be outside.

Shining The Spotlight On Grand Prairie Sunroom Enclosures

Sunrooms extend the house and make its dwellers feel closer to nature. The concept is similar to the patio but the sunroom is covered on all sides to protect it from harsh weather. Rain or snow, the inside remains clean and dry. They typically feature large windows although the all-glass wall is also a popular design. These let warmth and sunlight in. Both allow people to see the immediate surroundings while sheltered in comfort. Various elements can be tweaked to provide homeowner with a unique experience that suits their temperament.

Sunroom Installation Options

Sunrooms can be constructed in a number of ways. Like any home improvement project, some homeowners may want to go the DIY route. It is the perfect path to take for people who have experience with carpentry. A small room with simple design may be constructed in this manner perhaps with a little help from friends. Some companies also provide consultation services and paperwork assistance.

Sunroom kits are available at reasonable prices. These are prefabricated elements that companies can quickly deliver and install on-site. The advantages of this include speedy construction and ease of sunroom repair thanks to a surplus of replacement parts. On the other hand, the kits don’t allow much customization. There usually needs to be an existing surface to build the room on such as a garden deck.

Fully customized sunrooms are excellent for those who wish to create their own designs. These could be based on existing ones but modified to consider the home’s distinct features. It is also possible to generate a completely new way to do things with a talented architect and abundant resources.

Three or Four Seasons

One of the biggest influences on the design is whether the project will be used for three seasons or four seasons. If the sunroom will only be required for spring, summer and fall, then construction can proceed in a relatively straightforward manner. If the owner wishes to use it during winter, then the extreme cold must be taken into consideration. Double-pane insulated glass and thermal breaks may be required depending on the region. Other materials will have to be checked for suitability. Those who live up north have more stringent requirements than those down south because of temperature differences.

Common Usage

Sunrooms increase the livable space around the house. People can add a table and multiple chairs then use it as a breakfast or tea room. With a sofa set or a rocking chair, it can be an ideal place for afternoon siestas or evening relaxation. It may also be utilized as a family room or a reception area for guests. Some use it as a hobby or craft room where they store all of their equipment. Writers, businessmen and freelancers can make the area their personal home office where they can always draw inspiration from nature. There are many cases wherein people grow plants inside their sunroom to create a mini indoor garden. The sky’s the limit when it comes to usage so let imaginations fly.

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